Wildlife Service Contact:

James Fry | james.a.fry@aphis.usda.gov | (210) 472-5451 (o) | (830) 868-4195 (c)

Wildlife Services- State of Texas Office 

Wildlife Publications and Courses:

Wild Life Management Activities and Practices

Gardening for Wildlife

Wildlife Fact Sheets

Wildlife Services

Wildlife Diseases

Texas Wildlife Service: Publications

Feral Hog Resources

Currently there is no open bounties for hogs in Hays County.

Central Texas Feral Hog Removal Service 

Lone Star Trapping LLC – Hog Removal | Fencing | Land Clearing

Publications & Courses:

Feral Hogs in Texas

Managing Feral Hog Damage

Recognizing Feral Hog Sign

Texas Wildlife Service: Feral Hogs

Bee Keeper, Bee Wrangler & Bee Raising Resources: 

Nathalie Biggie
Bee Mindful Honey Farms

Texas A&M Master Beekeeper
Professional Educator
(512) 699-0605www.bee-minful.comBeekeeping Ag Exemption Questions
Beekeeping Classes
Master Training Program
Removal & Rescues
Hayden Price(830) 385-2375Bee Removal Emergency Situations
Beekeeping Ag Exemption
Glen Whittaker(512) 738-1110glenn_whittaker@ymail.com
John Celletti(512) 754-6353
(512) 618-4195
Joe Phillips(512) 845-9655

Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab

Beekeeping Equipment Suppliers

Central Texas Bee- Friendly Plants

Solitary Bees

Texas Bumblebees

Publications & Courses:

Beekeeping 101

Beekeeping Equipment: Hive Boxes

General Maintenance of Honey Bee Hives


Wildlife Removal: 

Hays County- Animal Control 

  • Loose Livestock
  • Dead Animals on Roadway

All Other Wildlife Removal 

Urban Jungle Wildlife

AAAC Wildlife Removal

Cap City Wildlife Removal 


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