Hays County Master Gardeners

Texas Master Gardeners is a volunteer program designed to spread horticultural information throughout the state, town by town. to become a Texas Master Gardener, a participate attends 50 hours of instruction, then shares this knowledge by donating 50 hours of volunteer service back to the community.

The touch of Master Gardeners’ green thumbs can be found across the state in school garden projects and demonstration gardens by volunteers who also conduct gardening programs, answer gardening questions, encourage planting natives and Texas Super-Stars, while stressing the importance of being mindful of our pollinators. Information booths and clinics can be found across the county, spreading AgriLife Extension research based horticultural information. The type of service done varies according to community needs and the abilities and interest of the Master Gardeners.

For more information check out the Hays County Master Gardener Website: www.hayscountymastergardeners.org

Hays County Master Gardener Events:






San Marcos Public Library Gardener’s Lunch Break Program

Every First Thursday of the Month | 12PM- 1PM

625 E. Hopkins St., San Marcos


Interested in Gardening, Pollinators, Trees, or Habitats?

June 1st- “General Tree Care” Presentation

July 6th- “The Importance of Native Bee and Pollinators” Presentation

August 3rd- “Superstar Plants” Presentation

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