Hays County Master Naturalists

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Hays County is the second oldest chapter of the Texas Master Naturalist program, a statewide organization sponsored jointly by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. The program provides training and volunteer opportunities to individuals who desire to learn about and promote the preservation, protection, sustainable use, and maintenance of our natural resources and who afterward continue serving as volunteers in such endeavors. Our citizen scientists are crucial for implementing education programs, for enhancing parks and natural areas, and collaborating with local conservation efforts.

As Hays County continues to grow in population and develop as a tourist destination, it is important to protect the natural environment that draws people to this area. We need to work together to ensure the health of our streams and aquifers, preserve wildlife habitat, protect our night skies from light pollution and promote sustainable use of the land.

Master Naturalists are well trained and provide thousands of volunteer hours of service each year to preserve the natural resource of Hays County.


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