Become a Hays County Master Naturalist

Become a Hays County Master Naturalist:

The Hays County Master Naturalist training program is offered annually. The classes begin in January and finish in October. Applications are only available online the first Saturday of December and accepted in accordance with the date and time the form is submitted, with an application fee. Class size is limited and in-person training occurs on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings at locations throughout Hays County. In additional to classroom time, there are site visits and field trips. Per State standards, trainees accepted into the program are required to attend a minimum of 40 hours of initial training through classes and site visits to graduate; certification as a Master Naturalist requires an additional 40 hours of volunteer work and 8 hours of advanced training. Upon completion, to maintain active membership, you must pay annual dues and continue your volunteer work and education.

The 2023 Class is Full. 

Online applications for the 2024 class will open the first Saturday in December 2023. Sign up here to receive notification of the application schedule in November.

For more information visit the Texas Master Naturalist- Hays County Website:

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